YouTube find: The Grimm Life Collective

I discovered The Grimm Life Collective from a link shared of a lovely interview they recently did with Shelley Duvall, a well-known actress and fellow Texan. Like all of the comments say, they were very easy-going and respectful and it shows in that and other videos how big of fans they are of horror movies and those who work both in front and behind the camera. I am still going through their videos, but aside from the above-mentioned interview, my favorite so far is The Lost Boys Filming Locations, one of my favorite movies of all time, no small part of which is the beautiful California coast.

YouTube find: Kane Pixels

While the concept of The Backrooms has been around since 2019, one of the best and more recent implementations has been from young prodigy Kane Pixels. Even though The Backrooms built off of the more general concept of liminal spaces, I always considered the former to be closer to what I personally envision of liminal spaces, namely disjointed environments, peculiar and eerie lighting, and a creeping sense of an imagined or real threat of “something” in that space with you. These are environments that seem to be taken straight from my dreams, and it mixes in the feelings of both wonder and dread, and possible ambient sounds and soft music.

Bandcamp finds: January 2023

Altus – Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces

Blind Guardian – The God Machine

Hante – Morning Tsunami

Infinity Frequencies – Computer Death

Lisa Bella Donna – Electronic Voyages

October Burns Black – Two Worlds Collide

Pulse Emitter – Dusk

Snowspire – Snowswept Solitude

Sonja – Loud Arriver

YouTube find: Celebrating Appalachia

While searching for recipes to make chow chow, I discovered the Celebrating Appalachia channel. Browsing through all of the videos Mrs. Tipper Pressley has made over the years, I found a heartwarming and nostalgic quality to her and her family’s way of life, not just for food but how they live. Before starting her YouTube channel, Tipper started with her blog, with the best name in the world: Blind Pig and the Acorn.

While my immediate and most of the extended family grew up in Texas, I did have an aunt that married and settled in Arkansas. I can still remember the visits we’d take there, out in the middle of so many trees, creeks and rivers, and the hints of the Ozark mountains. What I also keenly remember was their way of living, which compared to my urban upbringing seemed so simple. Meals weren’t complicated, time was spent outdoors, reading, or playing a board or card game, and time was savored, not worrying about so many trivial and ultimately unimportant things. An odd way to put it perhaps, but it’s something I’ve noticed even more these days with more of technology’s promises and time spent more on work related things.

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