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RIP Kidd Kraddick


This weekend radio DJ Kidd Kraddick passed away.  His show is the only one I could stand to listen to, and I probably listen to it almost every morning on the way to the gym and work.  I hope the show, and Kidd’s Kids, will continue on.

Blog updates

I currently have 11 posts in draft.

When most people blog, I imagine that each post is a spur-of-the-moment thing (like this post is), and it gets written and posted in one sitting. Maybe it takes a couple minutes, maybe a few hours with a pot of coffee. Most of mine tend to take days if not weeks. I like to write reviews, so it takes a lot more time to really get into what I’m reviewing, collect my thoughts, and then work on how to even structure the review (I try to avoid templates or any other rigid structures when possible). Also, since this is something I do on my own, not getting paid, and no deadline set, I am a bit lax on getting posts done in a timely manner.

It also feels weird for me to upload such a short post. Yeah I could have posts that even just have a link or image I’d want to share, but I don’t really do that anyways (I’m not on Twitter, Facebook, etc.). One nice thing about having many posts in draft is that I can easily see what kind of things are on my mind, what interests me now. Ideally I’d like to write about a number of topics with a fair number of posts for each, but that usually isn’t the way my mind works.

Long overdue update

Since my last entry there’s been quite a few OS releases from all 3 major branches: Windows 7, Snow Leopard, Ubuntu 9.10 and Mandriva 2010.  I have been using 3 of them extensively and have begun drafting reviews.  I will also probably re-post my review of Ubuntu Feisty so you can see if my writing’s improved any, as well as just to see what the impressions of a linux user were just a few short releases ago.

I also finally got a drum set, and will be posting an entry about learning to set-up a kit, applying rudiments around a large kit, as well as the debate over the double bass pedal.

My regular writing, other than for school, has been pretty lackluster as of late, but just like re-reading my old linux review I’ve been digging through old stories and have begun to see things I’d like to come back to and either extend or change.

I hope to have some of these up soon, but my track record shows to be patient.  😉

Still here

Ok I didn’t say how long it’d take to post an entry, but they really are coming! My desktop machine finally got a new monitor as one of our wonderful wedding gifts. I started out with XP to play Left4Dead and such, but now I’m running Ubuntu 9.04 for writing as well as trying my hand at C++, using gedit and g++. Eventually I’ll need an IDE, but I want to start out very basic, just outputting to the terminal. At work we’ve been testing Windows 7 RC alot, so I’ll definitely be writing about that and comparing it to XP and Vista.

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