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My Setup – 2018

My original setup post was five (!) years ago. Since that time almost as much has changed as has stayed the same. Let’s go through everything and see where things were, are, and may be headed towards… Who Am I? I’m still Christopher, and my day job is still in IT. Music and writing are […]


5 Days, 5,440 words

For a long time I’ve loved the idea of writing, the notion of it. Sitting in front of a computer or typewriter, sipping on a beverage, and just letting the inspired ideas pour out on screen or paper. It was something creative and productive, proof of time well spent. Since then I’ve gone through periods […]

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Horror Short Films

I can’t remember what I was browsing when I came across a link to a horror short called Lights Out. Needless to say I was pretty spooked. I then had to watch all of ponysmasher’s videos, including his very informative how-to’s. Of course that led to watching many more horror shorts. This may be my […]


Writing in Fountain

If you are a screenwriter or at least like to dabble with writing movies you’ve probably heard the controversy surrounding Final Draft’s latest update, if it can be called that.  Called out by the Scriptnotes podcast, Final Draft even came on the show to attempt to refute the criticisms… and failed miserably. After such a […]

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My Setup

As a fan of both The Setup and the Workspace posts on John August’s site, I thought I would make a similar post.  Note that this is for what I do at home, not my day job. Who are you, and what do you do? My name is Christopher.  My day job is in IT, […]