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Website find: Cinephilia & Beyond

With a recent renewed interest in screenwriting I’ve been scouring the web for articles, reviews, etc. One of those sites with many interesting articles on screenwriting, particularly relating to the works of David Lynch, has been Cinephilia & Beyond. This site has numerous articles, not only related to screenwriting but also editing, cinematography, and more.

Website find: SteveTerreberry

Ok I’m a sucker for silly things in all formats, and if it involves music, guitars specifically, even better! I discovered Steve Terreberry’s Youtube channel a few months back, probably in the right-side related videos list while watching a Rob Scallon video. I’ll admit I took to his style pretty quick, while others really criticize his silliness, crazy faces, and louder-than-average speaking volume. I recognize those are simply his unique things that combined with great humor and frankly-ridiculously-good guitar playing make for a unique Youtube channel that I like to check back  on at least weekly to see what he’ll come up with next.

Website find: Lessons from the Screenplay

When my interest in screenwriting flows rather than ebbs, I always try to seek out new resources online, whether it’s articles, discussion forums, and even Youtube channels. One of the latter that I’ve kept my eye on is Lessons from the Screenplay, created by Michael Tucker. I must note up-front that these aren’t hardcore, depth-of-the-ocean analysis videos, but nevertheless it’s fun to watch as some of my favorite movies are analyzed and I learn new terms related to the structure and creation of these movies, primarily from a script/writing point of view.

Website find: NewRetroWave

I first came across NewRetroWave’s YouTube channel years ago, likely while searching for Dynatron and/or Perturbator music/videos. They already had a wide variety of music within the synthwave/outrun/etc. genres, and they are still adding new music all the time! A nice addition is their occasional full-album streams, as it’s a nice way to preview something if it’s not on Bandcamp or such. If you enjoy this kind of music, or would like to see if you might like it, this is probably the best channel to find out!

Website find: Zen Pencils

While looking at popular writing links on Reddit, I came across an illustrated comic, with the words an excerpt from Stephen King’s On Writing. The website, Zen Pencils, has incredible illustrations, and I couldn’t help but keep reading more and more of his illustrated quotes and excerpts from other noted authors, artists, scientists, and other professions. They are all great and well worth a look!

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