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YouTube find: RemixSample

Ambient has become my absolute favorite genre of music, and on YouTube I really like seeing people create and play it. Like general synthesizer overview videos, I prefer those that have very little if any talking. One of the first pages I discovered, and keep coming back to, is RemixSample. One of the main “selling points” I think is that he doesn’t use any extravagant expensive gear. In fact, some of his music is only done with software instruments, and yet it sounds just as good (if not better). He also has a good balance of effects (namely delay and reverb) to sounds. In ambient this is not just important but critical.

In addition to his YouTube channel, there is a Patreon page you can join. Along with music, he offers sample packs along with answering questions on music gear, production, etc.

Website find: Standard Ebooks

If you’ve been looking for something to read, or you’re frustrated by the terrible layout, mis-spellings, etc. of free and public ebooks, well then Standard Ebooks is the site for you! Free and open-source, each ebook is available to download in multiple formats, including epub (for most eReaders, Calibre, Books on Apple devices, etc.), azw3 for Kindle (you’ll need to download the cover thumbnail seperately), kepub for Kobo, and advanced epub if desired. As mentioned, each ebook also has a nice illustrated cover and a clear and consistent (if somewhat simple) cover title so you can easily recognize each ebook.

Being open-source, anyone is welcome to contribute to the project, whether to improve existing titles or help bring new titles up to their standards. If you aren’t technically inclined or don’t have the time to contribute, you are still welcome to donate to the project, to help those working on the project along with the costs of website hosting, etc. One-time and monthly options are available.

As noted on each ebook page, the titles are made available freely as they are presumably free of copyright in the United States; each book’s copyright status may not be the same in other countries, and you will need to check your local laws prior to downloading outside of the United States.

YouTube find: Watch It Played

Recently I had a renewed interest to learn how to play CATAN, a board game my wife gifted to me a couple Christmases ago. While there is a newer Assistant app to learn from, I decided to just search YouTube and sift through the results. Among those was a really well-done video from the Watch It Played channel. The host, Rodney Smith, is very articulate and engaging. Thanks to that, along with the video’s nice editing and production, my wife and I have continued to watch other How to Play videos. If you’re looking for a channel to help learn some board games, and at the same time possibly get encouragement to get back into gaming in general, I highly recommend this channel!

YouTube find: Freeze Frame Pictures

Many years ago I wrote about horror short films, briefly mentioning some that I had found on YouTube. Since then I have on occasion continued to find new ones, and one of the standouts has been Freeze Frame Pictures. A small group from South Australia, their total output over the years has been small, but certainly high-quality. The two major standouts for me are The Secluded House and The Museum Project. They have released a third longer short film in 2019, The Groves; I’ve somehow not watched it yet, but it is certainly on my to-watch list! The atmosphere, tension, and dread packed into these short films are incredible, and put many higher-budgeted feature films to shame. I look forward to what they do next, whether it continues to be shorter films or if they possibly one day attempt a full-length feature!

Website find: Cinephilia & Beyond

With a recent renewed interest in screenwriting I’ve been scouring the web for articles, reviews, etc. One of those sites with many interesting articles on screenwriting, particularly relating to the works of David Lynch, has been Cinephilia & Beyond. This site has numerous articles, not only related to screenwriting but also editing, cinematography, and more.

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