Website find: Zen Pencils

While looking at popular writing links on Reddit, I came across an illustrated comic, with the words an excerpt from Stephen King’s On Writing. The website, Zen Pencils, has incredible illustrations, and I couldn’t help but keep reading more and more of his illustrated quotes and excerpts from other noted authors, artists, scientists, and other professions. They are all great and well worth a look!

Website find: TableTop

The Youtube series TableTop renewed my interest in board games (well games that didn’t require electricity, period). I had heard the show mentioned on Wil Wheaton’s blog and other places, but it took awhile before I finally watched an episode and I was glad I did. Some of the games covered by the show are way too complex for me to possibly learn, let alone teach someone else. But there are quite a few I have picked up, and many more I’d like to before too long. Here’s a few I would recommend watching:

The next season will be coming within a few months, and Wil has mentioned that we may see more RPGs played, which I personally will be happy to see. Of course in the meantime if you haven’t, check out Titansgrave, also from Geek & Sundry.

Website find: Markiplier

I think I first saw a Markiplier video when I was looking up videos for Five Nights at Freddy’s. I enjoyed watching as he played, and his reactions to things. I started looking at some of his other playthroughs (out of the now thousands of videos he has on his channel and found a few other I liked besides the FNAF games, including Alien Isolation, Amnesia the Dark Descent, Outlast, and Until Dawn. I’m not as much into the videos of the weirder one-off games, as I’m just not that big of a gamer these days. Even in some of the videos for the games mentioned above he can go a little overboard and not just move along, but I know he’s just doing it for the Youtube audience.