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Artwork find: Alena Aenami

While browsing Reddit I was immediately taken by the above illustration by Alena Aenami. Her artwork is abstract but still easy to pick up tiny details the more you look, and her use of different colors in each work enables me to take the time to really look at each one. Along with showing her work on Artstation, she has a Patreon to support new work, along with wallpaper packs via Gumroad.

Artwork find: Ted Nasmith

While browsing /r/lotr I saw the image above, and was immediately taken by its style. Painted by Ted Nasmith, I really like the little details and the lighting. It reminds me of old-school illustrations, and it could partly be because he does seem to use traditional materials rather than digital. Browsing his site I see a wide range of work, not just for fantasy. His architectural renderings are another favorite of mine, and can provide lots of inspiration for both writing stories and RPG campaigns.

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