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Basic Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition

After several years we now have the latest release of the Basic Fantasy RPG Core Rules. I’m not sure why it’s called 3rd Edition rather than 3rd Printing, as it’s the same game and compatible with all previously-released BFRPG items. As someone who had a hand in editing and proofing this thing, I’m quite proud of all who worked and contributed selflessly to see this thing through. I even got an artist to replace the terrible Harpy image!

To re-iterate my previous review as well as what’s mentioned on the website, a really good reason to choose this game is all of the free materials to choose from as well as the encouragement to contribute as well. Whether you just want a few new weapons and magical weapons, or want a full-blown 1E-style game with much more classes, races, skills, etc. you can shape the game into anything you want. And if you can’t find what you want, the forums will help you develop just the right document to plug in!

As well as available in free PDFs it can be purchased in hard-copy from Lulu or Amazon. Lulu is just as cheap these days for paperback, though their shipping is still more expensive. There’s been some problems with the DTRPG/RPGNow version, so I would advise avoiding that print until it’s resolved.

Also recently released is the Field Guide. I worked a lot more heavily on this release, coming in as the role of editor to help see it finished. That will be the topic of a future entry. 🙂