The Frenzy Begins

Today is April 1.  For most that will mean juvenile pranks on people and wading through countless unimaginative articles littering the web, hoping to elicit a laugh but usually getting nothing more than rolling eyes.

For a very few select, this day marks the first day of Script Frenzy.  This is a contest where participants have the month of April to write a 100-page script.  That averages to about 3-4 pages a day.  For a script that’s not a whole lot of writing per day, so this is someone that pretty much anyone should be able to complete successfully.

So far I am on Page 2.  That’s not very much writing at all, even though in line with the daily goal.  However, that’s far more than I’ve put down in I don’t know how long, so that is an accomplishment on its own.  With the weekend coming up, I hope to maintain or even surpass the daily writing goal, along with plotting a rough outline so that later on I don’t get stuck trying to figure things out or worrying I’ve written myself into a corner.  As I don’t work on the weekends and should be home for the most part, I have no excuses to not do this.  I’ve spent alot more time working on drumming and other things, but completing this would show other people as well as myself that I still have what’s needed to call myself a “writer” and be proud in knowing that’s not a lie.