Warehouse 13

If you crossed the X-Files with Indiana Jones, you might get something close to one of my favorite shows, Warehouse 13. Once again it’s due to Netflix that I even know about this show, even though the last 2 seasons aren’t on there (hopefully they get added!). The first few episodes show how the 2 agents, Pete and Myka, are “drafted” from the Secret Service and travel to South Dakota to join the Warehouse 13 team. Led by Artie and supervised by Mrs. Frederic, the agents start out pretty far in the dark; they’re tasked with finding new artifacts and returning them to the warehouse. They ask plenty of questions but receive few answers, and those are usually double-meaning; it’s all in true government fashion.

The meat of the show is the rapport between the two agents, with a dash of sexual tension. We also see some glimpses of humor and heart from Artie, especially with the introduction of Claudia. Most of the team make their home at Leena’s Bed and Breakfast, and Leena herself seems to have a mystery as well.

Along with the myriad of artifacts in each episode, the show also has a few key villains in MacPherson and H.G. Wells. These and other villains certainly put the team’s abilities to the test, as well as making Mrs. Frederic and the Council question their commitment and trust.

All of these artifacts would make this show a great candidate to run with the Cypher System Rulebook. I hope Netflix does eventually get the final seasons, or I’m gonna have to get the DVDs from Amazon!