Murdoch Mysteries

Did I already mention I’m a slut for mysteries? Well if I haven’t, I am. I’m such a filthy person, I love mysteries. Love them. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Murdoch Mysteries until long after I’d been a Netflix subscriber.

The backdrop of the show, late-1800s Canada (and Toronto in particular) is gorgeous. So green, no cars, horses and bicyles. Oh what a time to be alive (yeah the medical care wasn’t so great, oh well). As this is a television series, we don’t get to see as much outside locations as I’d like, but even just the glimpses show what a great city and country it is. I wish more of Toronto was shown; besides the police station and morgue we rarely see the main characters anywhere else that isn’t a crime scene.

Netflix up until recently only had the first three seasons, but now there’s eight(!); we’ve just started the 6th season.

There are a few things that I’m not super enthused about. The relationship between William and Julia, at first charming and sweet, has really been milked to death. And at the beginning of the 4th season, she went to Buffalo and is already engaged?! Now she’s trained a replacement and is leaving to have her own practice in Toronto? She’s leaving, yet again?! William needs to buck up and move on, right? Yet she keeps making those doe eyes at him and fantasizes about being ravaged by him. I like that they’ve dropped the political ambitions for Inspector Brackenreid, but now it feels like he’s treading water. There’s already a new Chief Inspector residing over him, and makes Brackenreid and company look incompetent at every turn. Although, the Chief Inspector does seem to show up too often, aren’t there other stations in the big city to go check out? I liked how Crabtree has been given more and more responsibilities, and was even an interim inspector while William was gone. But I wasn’t comfortable with his authority over Higgins, and I do think they work better on equal ground.

I do hope there’s a few better long-term developments over the next few seasons, and hopefully this show will get at least a few more seasons and can have a proper ending (unlike, oh, Warehouse 13 D: ).