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Basic Fantasy RPG Field Guide

After being in development for several years and seemingly left to flounder in an unfinished state, I stepped up 2 years ago (jeez was it really that long ago?) to get the thing finished and into print. Along the way there was more re-writes and editing than I can remember, plenty of critiques and negativity from those who offered no improvement, and at least some helpful comments and a few contributions, mostly by Chris Gonnerman with the final polish to get it to print. I’m just glad it’s done, and I will likely never work on anything so large ever again. When some asks about additional monsters or even a second guide I just scoff.

Inside are a wide variety of monsters that can be used in any fantasy RPG game with little conversion. There is also a nice variety of artwork, and in my opinion the best comes from the cover artist Al Cook. Check it out free in PDF, and a paper copy is quite cheap on Lulu or Amazon.