The End of the Frenzy

April has come and gone, and that means the end of Script Frenzy.  For the last month writers from all over the world have been hopefully busy working on a script.  At this point, that script should be completed.  While I am nowhere near finished with my script, I can still call it a success.


As I mentioned in my previous post, this has been a great cause to encourage me to write more overall.  Although there have been plenty of days this past month where I haven’t written anything, I’ve still been far more productive.  I’ve also re-affirmed that screenwriting is still my favorite form of writing, a feeling I haven’t felt since I first got into it many years ago while at St. Thomas.  While other forms of writing will still receive some attention, there’s no doubt that screenwriting will occupy the majority of that time.  While I love to read novels and such, it’s hard to deny that a good movie or tv episode is more exciting to me.  So the potential to create something in that medium  still excites me.

So where does my writing go from here?  I’m still continuing work on that script, and hopefully I can celebrate its completion before too long.  I have some more ideas for other scripts, both original works as well as for existing franchises.