Mobile games

Monument Valley

I just finished what I consider to be the most enjoyable, engaging, relaxing, and mentally stimulating video game I’ve ever played: Monument Valley. I had heard about this game for quite awhile, but never looked into it. I rarely buy any games these days, especially mobile games. When this game went on sale I finally caved; I was immediately mad at myself for not having purchased this earlier.

The concept is simple yet brilliant: guide your character along either to a doorway, or if near the end of the level, to the raised plate. The game comes from the concept of perspective; there are potentials paths and dead-ends on each level, but you may miss either without carefully looking. Also, there are often blocks you can rotate or shift, and sometimes you can rotate platforms or even the entire level, causing new paths and dead-ends to emerge!

The game itself is fairly short, but well worth its price. The gameplay, graphics, and music are all top-notch. There’s an optional add-on that can be purchased for additional levels, and I fully intend to keep throwing my money at the tiny screen of my phone as long as there’s more to play.