Mobile games

Tiny Wings

As mentioned in my Monument Valley review, Tiny Wings is one of the few mobile games I’ve ever purchased, and one of the extremely few I’ve kept on my phone. It’s a very simple game, bolstered by lovely artwork and sublime background music and sound effects. You control the flight of a bird, but not directly. It can fly on its own, but it needs help to know when to tuck its wings in and dive, using the landscape to help propel it along faster. You’ll need to do this to get as far as possible in each level, as the sun is sinking, and when night comes the flight is over. Too simple to be a game on its own, right? Wrong! The best games have a simple and solid premise and control scheme, and Tiny Wings succeeds brilliantly because of that. While I don’t play it very long at a time, it’s always a fun game to come back to again and again.