Your mind is software. Program it.
Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it.

Post-singularity. Transhumanism. Eclipse Phase, the sci-fi RPG from Posthuman Studios, can be tricky to explain to someone not familiar with these concepts of science fiction. I know when I first heard about and tried to read the game, my head hurt. I kept putting it down, thinking it just wasn’t for me. But I kept hearing praise over this game and its world. And I really really wanted to dive into a heavy, even if complicated, sci-fi RPG that incorporated artificial intelligence, etc. in a smart and logical way. Whether it was the game’s included setting, something completely home-brewed, or modelling something like Star Wars, Mass Effect, etc. I wanted a grand futuristic world to play a part of, to have at least a small effect on its doings.

If you’d like to check out Eclipse Phase, there’s a few options available, as the game’s texts are released under a Creative Commons license. The official website has a download for the Quick-Start rules here. Due to the game’s unique setting and complex rules I would definitely recommend starting with that. Thanks to the CC licensing however, it’s possible to legally download all of the releases, for free! They can be found here. Now, as mentioned on that page, I will recommend that if you really enjoy this game that you toss Posthuman Studios some bucks to support them and encourage further releases! For the core rulebook, you can purchase the PDF from DriveThruRPG, and the hardcover from Amazon.  The other releases have similar options, and they can all be found here. I hope you’ll give this game a fair chance; it may end up being your favorite sci-fi RPG.