Mobile games

Hitman Go

I never really played the original Hitman PC games. I’d certainly heard about them, and I did like the stealth and strategy aspects of them. Recently when I heard there would be a Hitman game for iOS, I wasn’t too thrilled as I thought it would be another 3D game, which in my opinion still don’t work well on tablets and smartphones. However, what we got instead was Hitman Go, and it’s sort of like a virtualized game board. Well, considering my recent renewed interest in board games I was intrigued, and so I had to try it out.

Color me impressed. I like that the game has many individual levels, and it’s easy to open the game and just play a level or two at a time. Further in the game they do get more difficult, so there can be times where a quick session could turn into a half-hour or longer. I like that it forces me to think, to try to anticipate all the patterns and movements of the other pieces on the pathways. This has ended up being one of my favorite iOS games, and one of the few that are still installed. Apparently it was popular enough for Square Enix as well, as before too long we would get another game, Lara Croft Go.