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Torchlight II

First released in the fall of 2012 and only available on Steam, Torchlight 2 is now FINALLY available on GOG! I’m a big fan of the first Torchlight, and I heard there were quite a few changes and refinements for the sequel, so now I can finally dive in and see how it fares.

At character creation I immediately noticed there were four new classes to choose from: Engineer, Outlander, Berserker, and Embermage. I chose Engineer as I liked the notion of machines assisting me during combat. Beginning to play, I didn’t notice much else different aside from a few interface and graphical updates. Not that I expected much difference from the first game or others like Diablo, but I was hoping for a little more. What I really liked in Diablo 3 was having an NPC character help out, that I could also equip items, choose skills, etc. Yeah in Torchlight 2 you have a pet, but it’s not the same. I also didn’t notice much of a story in the game, although the same was true of the first Torchlight. Diablo 3 also suffered from this (or if there was much of a story, it wasn’t that important to the point of the game, i.e. continual leveling up and acquisition of items). The first 2 Diablo games had more story and was paced quite a bit slower. Weapons and armor weren’t dropped all over the place, so it was a big deal to get something to help survive.

I guess these kind of games, like most coming out these days, just aren’t for me. I need something with an engaging story and universe, something that will encourage me to keep exploring with a reason to do so. RPGs such as Skyrim are a little better in this aspect, but combat still seems to be the priority. I guess there’s a reason table-top RPGs appeal to me so much…