Stranger Things


You need to watch this show! Yes, pay for a Netflix subscription if you’re not already a member. Let’s start with the incredible music of Stranger Things and logo shown in the intro; I could literally listen to this all day, and I already have. These pulsing synths continue throughout the show, coming in at perfect times and never over-staying their welcome. We also get some other songs throughout the series, and they’re hit or miss; I’d have preferred just the score by SURVIVE.

The cast of this show is also wonderful. The five younger kids, arguably the main characters, are some of the best child actors I’ve been in a TV show or movie, so kudos to the actors themselves as well as the directors who helped draw out these performances. The high school kids are also very good and show the teenage turmoil we’re all painfully aware of. Winona Ryder has a bit of a comeback in this series, as I can’t honestly remember what else she’s been in since the early 90s. David Harbour as the local sheriff is terrific, and easily conveys the conflict as a widower and divorcee. Matthew Modine is great as the scientist without any apparent morals.

I won’t go over the plot here, as it’s something you can find on its IMDB page and also because I recommend watching it with a blank slate. The show is equal parts mystery and thriller, with a bit of X-Files, Twin Peaks, and Call of Cthulhu thrown in. In other words, I feel this show was made exactly for me, and I can’t wait to see what future seasons come up with!