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Sara Is Missing

Played by both Markiplier and HarshlyCritical, I decided to give Sara Is Missing a try (I actually played the game before watching their playthroughs, and I recommend doing so). This is a short but free game for Mac or Windows, and is also available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

In the game you find Sara’s phone and must search through emails, texts, photos and more to try to determine what happened to her. Along the way you’ll have a helpful Siri-like AI assistant to give you helpful nudges. The story is fairly intriguing and as time goes by things get weirder and creepier. There’s no background music or sounds, and I’m not sure if they’re really needed or not.

Thankfully the game is free because it is a very short one. If they simply made it to gauge interest in a longer version then I think they’ve succeeded. I really wanted more, and I can see this style of game working quite well whether played on a PC or a phone.