Bandcamp find: Trevor Something

I have seen Trevor Something‘s name floating around on Youtube, usually on the NewRetroWave channel with his Trevor Something Does Not Exist album; it always stuck in my mind as the album artwork is by Ariel ZB, who also does all of Perturbator’s albums. I didn’t listen to that album too many times, as it seemed a bit “scattered”.

However, recently I was browsing the shoegaze tag on Bandcamp and his album Death Dream was listed. At first I only noticed the album name, so when I started listening to it and jamming along I didn’t connect that it was him. However when I did it was a pleasant surprise, as I REALLY like how he has evolved over his more recent releases. While Death Dream maintains a dark and almost sinister background, on his latest release Soulless Computer Boy and The Eternal Render it’s a lighter, “fluffier” ambient release and is amazing to relax and get lost in. That latter feeling is definitely bolstered by his masterful use of effects, whether it’s on the beats, bass, or synths.

I’m now a big fan of Trevor Something, and I can’t wait to keep listening to all of his releases and really soak it all in!