Seven Kingdoms

I had heard about Seven Kingdoms long ago when they were on Century Media, and they had recorded the album Seven Kingdoms at Morrisound Recording in Florida, where Iced Earth had recorded many of their albums. As the years passed they fell off my radar, even though they released another album, Fire Is Mine, in the meantime.

Well, for whatever reason I recently remembered about them and went looking to see what had happened to them, and lo and behold they are now signed to Napalm Records. I’m not sure how long they’ve been on that label, but this month they have a new album out, Decennium. While some of the members have changed, Sabrina is still the powerful frontwoman and her vocals sound just as incredible as ever! I’ve missed listening to power metal such as this, and I’m really glad they’re still releasing new material and re-invigorating the power metal genre.