Devil Electric

As much as I like doom, I’ve come to realize that I really like old-school doom, which is basically what Black Sabbath gave birth to. Blues-based and adding a bit of psychedelic rock, that is the sound that I really like. Modern doom, with few exceptions, is not what I’m really into. It’s gotten too much with excess down-tuning, incomprehensible vocals, and more that has driven me more to actual psychedelic rock, which can still have a heavier edge. One of those bands is Australia’s Devil Electric. After their debut EP came out in June 2016, they have recently released their self-titled debut album. I think I’ve already stated my affinity for female vocals, and with this music it fits in beautifully, having those angelic mid-highs and highs soaring over the great fuzzed guitars and booming bass. It would be hard not to compare them to Ruby the Hatchet, but I’ll say that I’m hearing a bit more guitar and heavier sound overall. That’s not meant to slight Ruby the Hatchet at all! It’s just a variant in their sounds, and that’s a good thing; if they were the same, I’d have no reason to write this entry. I’m very happy I discovered Devil Electric, and I really look forward to digging more into this genre and finding more new bands.