The Umbrella Academy

It’s pretty rare for me to check out a new series or movie on Netflix, let alone something comic-related. I’m pretty burned out on the latter (seriously, give me a superheroes-meets-GoT deaths please!) and for the former I just don’t have much free time when I can happily re-watch something I know will be at least moderately entertaining. Well, I did finally give in to my wife’s requests to watch The Umbrella Academy, and I must admit I liked it for the most part.

The series begins showing 43 women spontaneously giving birth. Seven of these (did the rest survive?) are adopted by an eccentric billionaire and raised together at the Umbrella Academy. While six of them grow up to be superheroes and lead varying lives, one of them (Vanya) doesn’t have any apparent powers and instead spends her time trying to play the violin well enough to join a local symphony. The show starts to pick up at the death of their adoptive father, and throughout the episodes we see how each live and cope with various situations as well as the overall plot, which is that the world will supposedly end in the near future.

With a large cast it’s nice to have enough episodes to give focus to each one along with moving the plot forward. There were several of the heroes that I really liked and could identify with, while some of the others were either boring or I didn’t like and was tired of the increasing screen-time they would get. The best has to be Ellen Paige’s Vanya and her story, and it becomes central to the plot by the last episode. The season ends on quite the cliffhanger, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.!