Dungeon Synth


A couple years ago I posted a Bandcamp find for Thangorodrim, a dungeon synth artist. Since then I’ve occasionally searched for more of that kind of music on Bandcamp, and in this post I wanted to highlight my favorite artists I’ve discovered so far.

Note: along with dungeon synth, many if not most are also tagged and categorized in genres such as ambient, electronic ambient, dark ambient, medieval, medieval folk, and more!



Old Sorcery

Sequestered Keep



Like any genre this is just scracthing the surface of what’s out there. Bandcamp has actually written several articles on this genre (links: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5!), and just like their other writings it’s a great way to delve deeper into this genre. I know I’ll keep exploring this unique and fascinating style of music, and perhaps one day might even try my hand at composing a track myself.