Death in Paradise

Note: spoilers ahead!

I was surprised to see I haven’t written about this show until now. With another re-watch just started, I checked to make sure I hadn’t already covered this show, as it’s become one of my favorite mystery series, despite a few small flaws.

The premise for Death in Paradise is a London DI has come to St. Marie to be DI for the island’s police department, which also has one DS and two officers. Despite such a small police force on the island, like any other mystery show this place is murder central, and each week they must solve the crime, often involving tourists and other outsiders to the island. There’s a wide variety of the type of people, careers, etc. involved and it greatly helps keeping the show interesting.

The cast has revolved throughout the years, with Officer Dwayne Myers lasting the longest (though he left last year). The biggest change was when original series DI Richard Poole was murdered at the beginning of series 3. Incoming DI Humphrey Goodman was pretty much the complete opposite, and it took quite awhile for me to get used to and like him. What I didn’t like was the forced romance (or at least attempted on his part) with DS Camille Bordey, who was already beginning to get involved with DI Poole. With DS Bordey replaced with DS Florence Cassell, it is now a friendship between the two, and it’s much more natural and fun to watch. More recently DI Goodman was replaced with DI Jack Mooney, who is a mix of both previous DI’s, and I have quickly come to like him the best. Rounding out the wonderful cast are the long-running parts of Catherine Bordey (restaurateur, mom of DS Bordey, and recently-elected mayor of St. Marie) and Commissioner Selwyn Patterson.

Of the few mystery shows I’ve watched over the years, Death in Paradise has become at least one of my top 3 favorites. I’ve enjoyed pretty much episode, and even with all of the cast choices I’m still keeping up with their lives, quirks, etc. I look forward to what comes next, and if the series comes to an end sooner than later I hope it’s a well-written and received one!