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Life is Strange 2 Episode 4

After far too long of a wait the next episode of Life is Strange 2 is out, and my wife and I played this over a couple of evenings. As usual for an episode in this game, this one continued to leave me disappointed, confused, and not really looking forward to the next (and final) episode.

Sean wakes up from an apparent coma in the hospital, his left eye removed and leaving him in pain. An FBI agent wants to know where his still-missing brother is, while a helpful nurse tries to lift his spirits. Through the dialogue options Sean can be either halfway-helpful or confrontational with both.

Escaping by way of a hot-wired car, Sean drives east to Nevada. Stopping for the night off the road for sleep, he’s awakened by racist white men (one wasn’t enough Dontnod?), forcing Sean to sing in Spanish while going through the car’s contents. Thankfully the scene is short and far less distressing than it could be (seriously, if this wasn’t a game it would be borderline unwatch-/readable). After driving off the car soon runs out of gas (way to plan ahead Sean), forcing Sean to continue on foot.

Nearly dying of exposure and thirst, the one helpful white guy in the game, a trucker, offers Sean a lift (seriously, I was so relieved that he turned out to be a decent person). Sean finally arrives in Nevada at the church where Jacob once lived.Daniel has been taken in by the stereotypical crazy Christian leader, and Sean doesn’t seem too phased by this. Even when Sean shows up, Daniel doesn’t immediately go with him; he prefers to stay!

In a surprise to no-one, Sean and Daniel’s mother turns up, and it’s as anti-climactic as it could possibly be. Did she have secret powers like Daniel? Nope. Is she a secret spy/agent/criminal packing enough firepower and lack of morals to storm the church to rescue her son and redeem herself to both of her sons? Lol nope. She’s aimless, boring, unsure of anything, and is the walking epitome of “show, don’t tell” gone wrong.

Coordinating with Joseph, Sean and her mom go to the church to rescue a reluctant Daniel. After clicking through more uninspired dialogue Daniel finally agrees to leave, but not without his “powers” lashing out again, causing a fire to start which eventually consumes the entire building. This is the last part of the episode, as the three re-united family members drive south to the Mexican border.