The Good Place Season 3

The third season of The Good Place finally landed on Netflix, and my wife and I devoured it in a few evenings. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the magic of this show and cast as I had with the first two seasons. Kristen Bell is still a delight, but I’m not sure if she had far less screentime or what, because by the season finale I barely cared about her and Chidi. Make no mistake, the few times when the goofy and over-bearing jokes were set aside and the focus returned to Eleanor and Chidi, with genuine emotion from those characters, we do get a glimpse at something that I really wanted more of. Whether it was the short number of episodes and/or the crowded cast, this season has put this show in a precarious position for me. I think far too much time was spent on Jason and his dumb Floridian family, along with Tahani’s relationship with her sister. I just. Didn’t. Care. Get rid of them, and even Janet, at this point. I only care about what happens to Eleanor and Chidi. I also tip my hat to Ted Danson, who along with Kristen Bell absolutely carries this show. His character coasted a little bit too much this season, but I honestly do want to see what happens to him, and if he’ll be redeemed or is forever trapped in a demonic, and if going by this show moronic, hell.