Against Evil – End of the Line

It can be hard to find plain old “simple” classic heavy metal. These days it seems to revolve around death, thrash, or some crazy new genre I just don’t have the energy to keep up with. So it was a welcome surprise when I discovered Against Evil, a heavy metal band from India. While it’s easy as so many have to simply compare them to classic Metallica, I get more early-days Anthrax and Testament vibes. But that’s the great thing about heavy metal; it’s all good!

Hotel Pools – Palmscapes

Still on a big vaporwave kick, browsing Bandcamp’s main page yielded a recent find that I’ve continued to listen to almost every day: Hotel Pool’s Palmscapes.

Inhuman Condition – Rat°God

While I’m not a huge fan of growly death vocals, I HAVE to include Inhuman Condition’s Rat°God purely because of the artwork! Also, the guitars and drums are pretty nasty, so this will certainly get added to the workout playlist. The album artist, Dan Goldsworthy, has done quite a few other album covers, notably Alestorm.

Warrior Path – The Mad King

Speaking of outstanding guitars and drums, lets turn up the bass a bit, add some epic male vocals, and the result is Warrior Path’s The Mad King!