find: Midnight Shift

Note: while there is an updated/remastered version, this post is for the original game

Like many horror games, Midnight Shift was one I first learned about in a Markiplier play-through. I really liked the atmosphere and aesthetics, as short of a game as it is. Recently as I was browsing I saw this game, and decided to play it myself, to see if it still held up.

The first thing I noticed right away is the response to the keyboard and mouse; it is definitely delayed and laggy. On the pause screen, it still reacts to the mouse moving around, which is quite strange and a tad annoying. But, the graphics and atmosphere are still top notch! The red light was quite blocky on my system. Like most PC games I really wish there was an adjustable field-of-vision, it is set far too low. One of the first few trigger events, picking up the storage room key, caused the game to freeze for a few seconds.

The mannequins are of course still creepy; are they ever not? The ones that always turn their heads to keep looking at you are the worst, in the best way! Picking up the two keys slightly changes the level layout, as well as the number of mannequins and the poses they’re in. Approaching the exit, you definitely feel as if you’re being escorted to your doom.

While the credits show this was a project at Edmonton Digital Arts College, clicking its icon/link reveals the school has actually closed, which is unfortunate. I really enjoyed this short experience, and would love to play more like it!