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Firefly RPG

The recent announcement from Maragaret Weis Productions about a new Firefly RPG forthcoming got me thinking about Firefly again.  I remember a friend at St. Thomas telling me I should watch this cool sci-fi TV show. I had never heard of it, and since I didn’t really watch TV I just shrugged it off. It wouldn’t be until years later, when I watched the related movie Serenity first, that I realized I should have listened to her sooner.

Firefly is a western sci-fi show. There’s space travel and some tech, but it’s not filled with aliens, teleporters, or anything else too advanced. Many worlds have trains (albeit using fancier engines) and even horses. This isn’t an idealogical Star Trek universe: poverty, racism, and more are all present.  English and Chinese are the predominant languages, and they’ve even started to melt together (the best example is the swearing in Chinese).  A universe in conflict always makes for the most interesting stories, and both the TV series and movie provided that in spades.

Many have said that Firefly is a version of Star Wars if the focus had stayed on Han Solo and not the Jedis.  There are heroes, but they’re humans, faults and all.  The focus is on the simple things such as simply surviving, friendship, and love.  While there have been games and comics based on the universe, it’s still pretty un-developed and open to further imaginations by gamers and sci-fi enthusiasts in general.

I’m curious to see how the Firefly RPG develops, and if it’s an improvement on the Serenity game and rules (and actually available as a PDF) it could very well be a sure sell for me.