finds: August 2022

9 Childs St

I first saw 9 Childs St played by Gab Smolders, and I really liked the atmosphere and tension of this game! The full game is in development, and I look forward to seeing what all it adds and changes compared to this demo.

The Building 71 Incident

This is one of the rare games that I played myself before watching someone play it on YouTube. The Building 71 Incident has a great atmosphere and even more (if more subdued) music and sound effects. It is a very short game, and the ending is a little bit sudden and lackluster. But it’s a promising beginning for the developer, and I look forward to see what might come next.

The Crypt Terror

The Crypt Terror is my top pick of these 3, for its atmosphere, audio design, graphics, and setting. It is also quite short with a sudden ending, but for some reason it didn’t bother me as much. If the player takes their time to walk around and really absorb the setting, it’s simply fantastic and eerie. It is featured in the 90th(!) 3 Scary Games episode from Markiplier.