While I’ve been listening to Cryo Chamber for a number of years now, there are a few key artists that have come to the forefront as my favorites. Among those select few, the very best is Cesar Alexandre, aka Mount Shrine. His work is a unique mix of pads, drones, and static radio. That’s simplifying it greatly, and like any ambient music you really need to just sit down, close your eyes, and pop those headphones on.

Unfortunately, Cesar passed away due to COVID-19, but he left behind enough work for Simon Heath (head of Cryo Chamber) to complete and release his posthumous album: All Roads Lead Home. I don’t know if that was the intended name of the album Cesar was going to use (it’s also the name of the final track), but it’s certainly fitting for his final work. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to be able to hear more of Mount Shrine’s fantastic work. I hope Simon, along with Cesar’s family and friends, are proud of all the music he created and the lasting effect it has had for fans around the world to help cope and/or escape.