finds: March 2023

Church of Stratum (Prologue)

From Break Even Games, developer of my favorite pick from last month Northwood Legacy, comes another prologue/demo puzzle Church of Stratum. Featuring similarly-gorgeous graphics and atmosphere, this was a fun game to play. There were a couple parts that I got stuck and had to refer to the play-through video, but otherwise I got through it on my own. The ending is very sudden and a little lackluster, mostly because I was not ready to stop playing and wanted more!


A short exploration of a seemingly-abandoned house, Contemp features very nice graphics and sound design. The design of the house was really good and felt very cramped and claustrophobic. Like Church of Stratum, I was left wanting much more of this game!

Dead Containment

I have always been terrible at on-rail shooters, but Dead Containment is a lot of fun!

Feet in the Snow

A wonderfully eerie and strange adventure game, Feet in the Snow is a really nice change of pace from other games, as it certainly takes its time and I would recommend really looking around each scene/screen.


A very intriguing and creepy point-and-click, INVITATIONEM is genuinely one of the scariest games I’ve played in a good while. Running the game in-browser worked ok, but I’d really like to see an updated native application for it. The puzzles and inventory management worked really well and never got in the way.

Mooshie’s Kitchen

The greatest PC game ever created: it is not Half-Life, not Left 4 Dead, not Doom. It is Mooshie’s Kitchen. Go play it.

Re Watch

A short but very interesting and haunting experience, Re Watch really impressed me. The ending will definitely hit you hard, provided you’re not a soul-less zombie.

Rooted in Darkness

A very short but enjoyable and atmospheric game, Rooted in Darkness deserves more time and development to bring us more!

Security Booth

Although very short, Security Booth was a lot of fun and definitely left me wanting more. I liked the concept, and there was quite a bit of tension while waiting for the next car and odd sounds coming up.


A fun adventure with only a few quirks of pixel-hunting and trying different item combinations, Shiver really impressed me. There was a little bit of backtracking, but overall it was a good length and would work great as a prologue or part 1 for a larger game.


A fun and different take on a lidar game, SUB has a beautiful atmosphere and music as you explore and fire off the sonar rays.

VHS Slaughter

A fun scary game similar to other “normal boring jobs interrupted” games, VHS Slaughter does take its time before the strange and scary things start to appear. The only disappointment is the ending; you’re given two choices, to call either the police or the number of the abductor. The former will get you killed, while the latter just abruptly ends the game.