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A Simple Dice Roller Program

Here is a quick dice roller program I whipped up in Python.  To run it, you’ll need to install Python3, which can be downloaded here. Then simply copy and paste this code into a new file and save with the .py file extension.

import random

def diceRoller(numSides, numDie):
#generates random number based on first parameter
    totalResult = 0
    for i in range(numDie):
        rollResult = random.randint(1, numSides)
        totalResult = totalResult + rollResult
    print('The result of the roll is: ', totalResult)

rollAgain = 'yes'

while rollAgain == 'yes' or rollAgain == 'y':

    print('How many sides does this dice have(2-30)?')

    dice = int(input())

    # error checker
    while dice < 2 or dice > 30:
        print('Please type a number between 2 and 30')
        dice = int(input())

    print('How many dice of this type do you need to roll?')

    numDice = int(input())

    diceRoller(dice, numDice)

    print('Do you want to roll again? (yes or no)')
    rollAgain = input()

Update (3/22/2013): Just noticed that the error checking code doesn’t work. I’ll fix it later.

Update (4/5/2013): Error checker fixed.  Helps to use the correct logic (or, not and) 🙂