This is where I list some of my favorite things.


70s Sci-Fi Art – huge repository of retro and retro-inspired imagery

Alamo Drafthouse – the only movie theater I go to anymore

Dreamhost – the host for this site, very happy with them!

Font Squirrel – download free (and some open-license) fonts

iFixit – repair guides for computers and more

The Setup – read what people use for their work and hobbies


Bandcamp – the best online music website

Dance With The Dead – a strong synthwave artist with excellent guitar work

Dynatron – a synthwave artist with ambient influences

Perturbator – a very popular synthwave artist

Syntax – an ambient electronic artist

Tycho – a very popular ambient artist


Chaosium – publishers of Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, and other RPGs

Delta Green – a modern-day Cthulhu RPG

The Design Mechanism – publishers of Mythras (formerly RuneQuest 6E) & Classic Fantasy RPGs

DriveThruRPG – PDFs and Print-on-Demand RPGs

Dungeons & Dragons – the grand old fantasy RPG

Dyson’s Dodecahedron – excellent RPG maps, many released under a free-to-use commercial license

RPGnet – forums, reviews, and news for RPGs


Audacity – free and open-source cross-platform audio recording and editing

Chrome – free cross-platform web browser

Dropbox – free (and paid) cross-platform file syncing and back-up

f.lux – free cross-platform white level adjuster

foobar2000 – free lightweight music manager and player for Windows

GIMP – free and open-course cross-platform image editor

KeePass – password manager for Windows

KeePassXC – free and open-source password manager for Mac, Windows, and Linux

LibreOffice – free and open-source cross-platform office suite

Linux Mint – a very popular Linux distribution

Mozilla Firefox – free and open-source cross-platform web browser

Ninite – easily install/update multiple programs for Windows

Notepad++ – free and open-source text editor for Windows – free image editor for Windows

Plex – free (and paid) cross-platform media server

Python – cross-platform interpreted programming language

Ubuntu – the most popular Linux distribution

Visual Studio Code – free cross-platform text editor from Microsoft

VLC – free and open-source cross-platform media player