Note: these will (highly) likely change over time, and they don’t constitute any kind of endorsement! Just my opinion. 🙂


Left Hand Milk Stout Nitrowhile I’ve been a Guinness fan for a long time, it only took 1 pint of this to claim the throne!

Runner-ups: Coors Banquet (fight me), Real Ale Lost Gold IPA, Karbach Hopadillo, Guinness

Board Game

Ticket to Ride – it’s simple to learn, supports a wide number of players, and there’s a bit of strategy to learn along with luck involved. I consider it to be a near-perfect game!

Runner-ups: Chess, Clue


And Then There Were Noneno contest; I’ve re-read this so many times and am always drawn in. Without the added ending, it is literally the perfect mystery!

Runner-ups: Burnt Offerings, Zodiac


Courier Primeso much easier to read than Courier New!

Runner-ups: Linux Biolinum, Ubuntu


Gibson Les Paul Studiowhile I got my Strat first, it was when I first played the LP Studio that it just felt right. I’m not sure if it’s the shorter scale, the angled neck, or the anchored bridge. I also like the Studio’s thinner body over a LP Standard.

Runner-ups: Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha FG acoustic


This is going to be really hard to pick! Not only are there long-time favorites such as Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. there’s also newer ones such as Ex Machina. I also have to certainly consider movies from John Carpenter and Stanly Kubrick.

Ex Machinathis is my current pick. It’s near-future, has a great plot, and is both a mystery and a thriller. Add in an amazing score and wonderful location shooting and it will be hard to top this!

Runner-ups: Wonder Boys


Linux Minta consistent and easy-to-use Linux distro, gets out of the way, and isn’t dictated by a large corporation.

Runner-up: Ubuntu

PC Game

Alien Isolationamazing graphics, terrific story, and scary-ass aliens roaming around!

Runner-ups: Deus Ex, Doom, Left 4 Dead, SOMA


Delta Greenthe best release of the BRP rules, with a modern setting of conspiracy, horror, and mystery

Runner-ups: Basic Fantasy RPG, Mythras


Chuck Taylor All-Starsyes they have no arch support, but these shoes have stood the test of time and I’ve rarely not owned a pair!

Runner-up: OluKai Akahai

Text Editor

Visual Studio Coderuns on all 3 OS’s, constant updates, Fountain mode highlights better than Highland

Runner-ups: Notepad++

TV Show

Murder, She Wroteit’s a mystery with a vast amount of content, interesting recurring characters, and just something I can watch no matter the time, mood, weather, etc.

Runner-ups: Black Mirror, MacGyver, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Firefly

Video Game

Life is Strangestrong emotional story, gut-punching soundtrack

Runner-Ups: Silent Hill 2


Cline Ancient Vine Zinfandelit’s just a fantastic wine I love to slowly sip, swirl, and smell!

Runner-ups: Becker Cabernet Sauvignon, Belle Glos Clark & Telephone Pinot Noir