Website find: TableTop

The Youtube series TableTop renewed my interest in board games (well games that didn’t require electricity, period). I had heard the show mentioned on Wil Wheaton’s blog and other places, but it took awhile before I finally watched an episode and I was glad I did. Some of the games covered by the show are way too complex for me to possibly learn, let alone teach someone else. But there are quite a few I have picked up, and many more I’d like to before too long. Here’s a few I would recommend watching:

The next season will be coming within a few months, and Wil has mentioned that we may see more RPGs played, which I personally will be happy to see. Of course in the meantime if you haven’t, check out Titansgrave, also from Geek & Sundry.

Website find: Markiplier

I think I first saw a Markiplier video when I was looking up videos for Five Nights at Freddy’s. I enjoyed watching as he played, and his reactions to things. I started looking at some of his other playthroughs (out of the now thousands of videos he has on his channel and found a few other I liked besides the FNAF games, including Alien Isolation, Amnesia the Dark Descent, Outlast, and Until Dawn. I’m not as much into the videos of the weirder one-off games, as I’m just not that big of a gamer these days. Even in some of the videos for the games mentioned above he can go a little overboard and not just move along, but I know he’s just doing it for the Youtube audience.

Firefox to Chrome

After years of using Firefox almost exclusively, I’ve start to use Chrome more often. I know. First, Firefox has either slowed down with each new release, and/or all the other browsers have quickly caught up and passed it. Sure we could always deride Internet Explorer such as in the popular image above, but with Windows 10 Microsoft has debuted Edge and right now it’s even surpassed Chrome in certain benchmarks. I’ve also become unhappy with Firefox’s memory handling, and unlike Chrome it doesn’t seperate memory/processes for each tab or even for plug-ins. Supposedly it will eventually happen in Firefox, but at what point should they think about another ground-up re-write, which was the purpose of Firefox to begin with? I can get all of my favorite plug-ins in Chrome, and for the most part the preferences and security settings can be adjusted as well as Firefox’s for privacy. I also don’t use any Google services, so I do miss out on bookmark syncing, etc. But since I can import/export really easily to Dropbox, it’s not that big a deal. I’ll certainly keep Firefox installed and will keep an eye on its progress, but unless there’s a drastic change and/or improvement I think Chrome is my new browser.