I am very new to the genre of dungeon synth. The little bit I have listened to reminds me of Glen Danzig’s Black Aria, with its sombre tones and almost choking atmosphere. That’s not to say all dungeon synth is like that. One of the albums that I’ve had on rotation quite a bit is Thangorodrim’s Gil-Estel. While there are still some signature undertones of possible danger, this album has lightened up just a little bit, and it makes it that much more versatile as both a listening experience and practical background music for an RPG session, writing, or anything else. For more information on dungeon synth, check out this article on Bandcamp.

New Model

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that The Uncanny Valley came out, but here we are almost a year and a half later, and Perturbator has released a new EP, New Model. Similar to his other releases and others from Blood Music, New Model is priced at Name Your Price.

As appropriately titled, this is indeed the furthest Perturbator has stretched out. Now, that’s not to say he wasn’t already experimenting since Dangerous Days, as well as using past EPs especially¬†Sexualizer to really see what direction he could go in. New Model turns the danger and imminent threat sound from Dangerous Days and The Uncanny Valley up to 11. Is it too much? Well, I don’t know if it can go anywhere else, at least in that direction. And that sound seems to include more dub and other odd (at least to me) influences that I’m already hearing in other electronic acts such as Front Line Assembly’s Echogenetic.

However, I must say the sheer sonic bliss and sound quality of the synths used on this EP, whether software and/or hardware, are the best I’ve heard from Perturbator or anyone else. You really need to listen to this EP with some high-quality headphones or monitors to appreciate it. I’m now very curious where Perturbator goes from here, and I really look forward to his next release!

Bandcamp find: Terrortron

Do you like the music of John carpenter, and other soundtracks from old-school creepy movies? Well then you need to listen to Terrortron! All three of their releases are priced as name-your-price, so check it out!

Bandcamp find: Elder

I haven’t heard much about Elder in the past, but with their new release, Reflections of a Floating World, I start seeing more and more raving reviews. Listening to all of their albums on Bandcamp, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of them until now, but also very happy I could now understand what the glowing reviews were going on about.¬†Coming from most doom and even psychedelic rock, I would say Elder sits comfortably in the middle, with perhaps a sprinkle of progressive rock. Think of The Sword, but with a bit more consistency. While I could have purchased their newest release and started there, as I tend to do with most bands I discover, for some reason I liked the initial listen of Lore the best, so that’s what I’ve had playing in the car for most of the past two weeks. There’s not too much I don’t like about Elder, save for the vocals. First off, they’re mixed really low so I can’t hear nor understand what’s being sung. Also, they’re very short snippets; Elder songs are definitely not based around the lyrics. So why even have them at all? Other than this criticism, I’ve really enjoyed listening to Lore, and I plan to purchase the other albums before too long.


After looking through various metal bands’ biographies and other information, I learned that the current second guitarist in Iced Earth, Jake Dryer, is also a member of White Wizzard and the newly-formed Witherfall. I listened to their debut album, Nocturnes and Requiems, and I’m really digging it. Needless to say Jake’s playing is prominent on this album, and it’s nothing short of monstrous. He’ll either make you wanna practice guitar even more or just quit! Of course the guitar isn’t the only good thing on this album; the bass, drums, and even the vocals are all top-notch and fit perfectly for what I wanted in a metal album. Check them out!