Bandcamp find: Matthew S. Burns

Like most of my interests, my enthusiasm in programming ebbs and flows, usually in pretty lengthy periods of time. In my most recent flow I’ve been looking into a growing category of games that either have some programming aspect to it, or even entirely focused on it. One game company that has taken this type of game and run with it is Zachtronics. They have released multiple games, including Infinifactory, Shenzhen I/O, and the upcoming Exapunks. While looking into these games I found a Bandcamp link for the composer of these games, Matthew S. Burns. While I initially started listening because of Exapunks, his soundtrack for Shenzhen I/O has actually grown the most on me, and it’s a wonderful ambient electronic album to play when working on coding, writing, or just relaxing and taking a moment to forget everything.

Bandcamp find: Mildlife

As mentioned in my post on Nim Quartet, I’ve been searching Bandcamp for more music where bass is a featured instrument. While not quite rooted in pure jazz, Mildlife have taken a mix of jazz, funk/disco, and psychedelic rock and cooked up some of the best music I’ve heard in quite awhile! I like that it has plenty of acoustic bass, but also some synth in there as well. I will definitely be checking out the various tags to find more music like this.

Bandcamp find: Nim Quartet

As I’ve been playing more bass, I’ve been searching Bandcamp for more music that features it, and that puts me into the incredibly diverse and admittingly intimidating genre of jazz. I know I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what Bandcamp offers, but I’ve already found one small jazz group that with its debut album already has my ears perked: Nim Quartet.

What I really like about this album is that it’s very laid-back and open; “breathing room” may be a term thrown around way too often, but that’s exactly what this album is chock full of. Even with moments of an instrument taking center stage for a solo, I don’t feel like it’s overwhelming with everyone trying to play. That’s something I’ve noticed on a few other jazz albums I’ve listened to so far, and for me personally it’s not my jam. I’m really digging the sound Nim Quartet has going, and I look forward to future releases!

Bandcamp find: Dead When I Found Her

Do you like Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly? Well then you need to get on over to Bandcamp and check out Dead When I Found Her! I haven’t listened to this kind of music in quite awhile, but I’m getting a good vibe. It’s gonna take me a bit to listen to all the releases and get it all to sink in, but so far I’m digging it!

Bandcamp find: Chipzel

My experience with the chiptune genre is pretty limited. I think the only music I had really listened to before now, besides actual “chiptunes” back in the day on old console and computer games, was the chiptune version of Nine Inch Nail’s Pretty Hate Machine, Inverse Phase’s Pretty Eight Machine. I think I was browsing the bestsellers on Bandcamp when I came across Chipzel‘s chiptune album for the popular rogue-like game Crypt of the NecroDancer, Chipped of the NecroDancer. While I enjoyed that album very much, it was listening to the rest of her catalog that I kept coming back to the album/soundtrack¬†Interstellaria. As blasphemous as it sounds, I really like this album because the chiptunes sound is not quite as in your face, and the other work Chipzel has put into this album makes for quite an experience.