Bandcamp find: Ascendant

Sometimes I can’t listen to doom, outrun, or anything else that’s loud, busy, etc. I just need something in the background while writing, organizing files, or just laying back with my eyes closed. There’s a few soundtracks that can meet that criteria, but just as many don’t. I’ve never really taken a hard look at ambient music before, but like the other genre categories on Bandcamp it ususally doesn’t take long before I hear something that piques my interest. One that did just that is Ascendant’s Meridian. This is perfect music for feeling like you’re floating along in space, relaxed and all worries pushed aside.

Bandcamp find: IZO

Trying to find new music on Bandcamp can be a tough chore. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of WEIRD stuff on there. If you’re going through the metal categories, it’s a lot of yelling and garbled guitars. It’s hard to find something that really stands out, in a good way. One of those bands that does is IZO. This is doom as it should be: heavy with a hint of groove. Check it out!

Bandcamp find: Pallbearer

I’ve been on a very serious doom kick lately, thanks to the discovery of Khemmis, and that’s been leading to other great bands. A great local band that is quickly gaining a following and notoriety for amazing music is Pallbearer, hailing from Arkansas. Compared to Khemmis they are a bit slower and less melodic, but every bit as crushing. Check out their latest release Foundations of Burden, and they are working on their next album as we speak.

Bandcamp find: Spaceslug

Doom? Space/stoner rock/doom/metal? Regardless of what label(s) you want to apply to Spaceslug after listening to Lemanis, what you’ll find is some of the best laid-back, chill, and yet somehow also dark and heavy music your ears will ever encounter. Dive in!

Helping Others, Even Unto the End

While edging the lawn this morning I came across a young bird. At first glance I thought it was already dead; it was on its back, beak slightly open. Upon looking closer I saw its chest was moving. Going inside to get a small glass of water, I came back and hopped the small chain-link fence to kneel beside it. Dipping my finger into the glass, I got it to swallow a few drops and shake its head. Hoping that’s all it was, I turned it over in my hand and tried to get it to move some more, but it wouldn’t.

Hoping it could be saved, I took it to our backyard while I tried to call our vet or anyone else that would possibly help. Coming back outside I saw that it was too late. It had stopped moving and closed its eyes. Holding it in my hands, and thinking about its own end as well as everything that has happened to me, I started sobbing.  As I had posted in my thoughts for Madison, I hoped I had made its passing a little easier, and hoped in the far future my own could be just as serene and dignified. I buried it in the corner of our small garden-bed, under the shade of the wall and tree.