Website find: The Setup

I first heard about The Setup when John August wrote his initial post detailing what hardware and software he used. I enjoyed the subsequent Workspace posts John put up (though the last one was posted Nov 2012), and began to follow The Setup as there are a wide variety of people that are interviewed (ie not just programmers or such). It’s fun to see what some pseudo-famous people use, and for those in a field and career you may be considering or really want to go into. There is a, not to say downside, but it’s kind of like reading a bunch of books on a technical subject you want to know more about. Eventually you realize you likely already have most of the tools (software and hardware) that they do, you just gotta sit down and use them.

Website find: Zen Habits

Similar to my “Bandcamp find” posts, it was the design of a website as I was searching for vegetarian-related topics (that’s another post) that spurred me to create this new “Website find” series.

That website is Zen Habits. I was immediately taken with its clean and simple design. Its readability and navigation are superb. I normally don’t like dark text on a white background, but this is one of the very few exemptions. Of course, each page/post can utilize Firefox’s new Reader Mode, where white text on a dark background can be used.

Along with the post on vegetarianism and others relating to eating healthier, there’s a wide variety of posts pertaining to health (physical, mental, and even emotional) and productivity. It’s hard not to read one of these well-written and thought-out entries and apply it to your own life.