Ubuntu 10.10

As the most current review I’ve written for a Linux OS, the first thing you may notice is that I’ve changed the title for this review.  Previous reviews have been titled “Linux Review:…”, while here I simply title it as an Ubuntu review.  Why the change?  I realized that it isn’t a really big deal […]

Computer games

Left 4 Dead Tactics

I’ve been playing Left4Dead since the demo was available on Steam, and not too long ago picked up an XBox360 to play the sequel.  Both are great games, and I’ll be writing a review covering both and what changes were for the better or worst in the sequel.  I usually play with bots, but sometimes […]


Kindle is to Books as iTunes is to CDs?

Ever since I purchased my first iPod, I’ve been very happy with digital purchases for my music.  Of course that’s technically confusing, as CDs are digital as well.  But most people say digital to mean on-line, physical-less data.  Of course it’s easy to copy those files to a flash drive or burn to a CD, […]


Drum Hardware and Double-bass Pedals

I’ve been continuously researching any additional hardware and cymbals I’d like to add to my kit.  Right now I have a ride cymbal, but no crashes yet.  Part of the reason is because it’s not as critical in my practice space to have those cymbals yet, and I’d have to get additional mute pads for […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

If you are celebrating this holiday, I wish you great memories and safe travels. As usual I haven’t updated this in forever. I think the main thing is I need to find a better way to write and upload new posts, as using the website isn’t as great as a dedicated app or such would […]