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Long overdue update

Since my last entry there’s been quite a few OS releases from all 3 major branches: Windows 7, Snow Leopard, Ubuntu 9.10 and Mandriva 2010.  I have been using 3 of them extensively and have begun drafting reviews.  I will also probably re-post my review of Ubuntu Feisty so you can see if my writing’s improved any, as well as just to see what the impressions of a linux user were just a few short releases ago.

I also finally got a drum set, and will be posting an entry about learning to set-up a kit, applying rudiments around a large kit, as well as the debate over the double bass pedal.

My regular writing, other than for school, has been pretty lackluster as of late, but just like re-reading my old linux review I’ve been digging through old stories and have begun to see things I’d like to come back to and either extend or change.

I hope to have some of these up soon, but my track record shows to be patient.  😉

Still here

Ok I didn’t say how long it’d take to post an entry, but they really are coming! My desktop machine finally got a new monitor as one of our wonderful wedding gifts. I started out with XP to play Left4Dead and such, but now I’m running Ubuntu 9.04 for writing as well as trying my hand at C++, using gedit and g++. Eventually I’ll need an IDE, but I want to start out very basic, just outputting to the terminal. At work we’ve been testing Windows 7 RC alot, so I’ll definitely be writing about that and comparing it to XP and Vista.

Hello world

Working on a few entries to put up.  Very happy to have WordPress set-up on my site.  I have been using both Ubuntu 9.04 and Mandriva 2009, I will have an entry that reviews Ubuntu 9.04.  I have also been trying out Windows 7 and will post some impressions as well.

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