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Life is Strange 2 Episode 1

Introduction It really doesn’t seem that long ago that the first game came out (2015!), but it’s probably more that I didn’t hear about and play the game until later on. Before the Storm then came in 2017, and finally the short demo The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit earlier this year. Now we have […]

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Note: spoilers ahead! Introduction A little over a year after playing the first game, I returned to Arcadia Bay for its prequel, Before the Storm. Taking place about 2 years before the first game, in this one you play as Max’s friend Chloe. Max has recently left Arcadia Bay for Seattle, and Chloe is feeling […]


Voyage Into Fear

A year after releasing Inner Demon, Meteor released Voyage Into Fear in April 2018. Rather than a standalone album, this is a soundtrack for the movie Alien Expedition. While my review of Inner Demon wasn’t overly enthused, I can say I’m really happy with this release! While Meteor has been somewhat quiet since that release […]


SOLO: A Star Wars Story

Yeah I need to finish my reviews for the other recent Star Wars movies, but I watched this yesterday and wanted to get this out while the movie was still fresh in my mind. This will be a pretty short review, but I hope it’s pretty clear that its length doesn’t correlate my affection for […]

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My Setup – 2018

My original setup post was five (!) years ago. Since that time almost as much has changed as has stayed the same. Let’s go through everything and see where things were, are, and may be headed towards… Who Am I? I’m still Christopher, and my day job is still in IT. Music and writing are […]